Did they or did they not?

It’s probably not the journalists’ fault if their respective sources gave contradicting statements.

This is when the battle of credibility comes to the fore.

Who should win?


Church hires MIB?

The way the Philippine STAR frames the Reproductive Health bill controversy, at least in this cartoon, displays lack of truthfulness.



Why would a publication that abides by the maxim “Truth shall prevail” insist on including a fictional entity to depict a true situation? The STAR’s choice of MIB as a “lay expert” is vague at best and vilifying at worst.

“Vague” because an MIB agent can mean different (and sometimes opposing) things: secrecy, espionage, deception, anti-evil-aliens, hero. “Vilifying” because, in the context of the debate on the RH bills, the Catholic Church has almost always been unfairly depicted by media as disconnected-from-reality, evil, fantastical….and now it is getting a character from science fiction to argue its cause.

The cartoon is supposed to be amusing. Oh, it is, but disregard the article that it accompanies.