‘PDI walked the talk in supporting football’

Mr. Mariano Javier just scored a goal.

OVER THREE years ago, I expressed my appreciation (“Media should play up other sports,” Inquirer, 8/27/07) to the Inquirer for its Aug. 14, 2007 editorial calling on “big corporations to help popularize soccer … by sponsoring corporate teams.” I also wrote that “I would like to appeal to the Inquirer, and to media in general, to heed this call by providing this sport media coverage.”

Fast forward to today: What can I say? Not enough adjectives can describe my exhilaration and pleasant surprise at the turn of events.

Let’s have more success stories like this!

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Inquirer failed to state side more articulately

Now it’s clarified.

THANKS TO THE Inquirer for publishing the letter I submitted a month ago. (“Did the Inquirer lie in its editor’s reply?” 10/01/11). I am further grateful that the paper even replied to the letter. The editors gave us the most concise lecture on the (ideal) independence of a newspaper’s news and opinion divisions. Unfortunately, they also tried to shame me for supposedly not knowing that basic truth about journalism. I forgive them.

I would like to clarify some things, though.

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