GMA News Online wins award and deserves it

GMA NEWS ONLINE recently bagged the “Special Citation for New Media Approaches” in the Rotary Club of Manila Journalism Awards.

It was bound to happen.

GMA News Online is certainly imperfect in different ways (as this blog, for example, pointed out several times). But one has to commend how it is making information more accessible and interesting to satisfy the increasingly tech-savvy, and info-hungry Filipino.

At the top of my mind is how the site used Google applications to aid the search and rescue operations in the aftermath of Typhoon Ondoy in 2009. Arguably one of the finest projects of online public service in the country.

Another is how the site keeps its “face” easy to the eyes. Ample white space and gray gradients are such subtle eyecandies. Overall, the homepage is easy to navigate.

And don’t forget hailing Manix Abrera’s comic strip on the tragedy and comedy that is the life of a reporter.

And the site’s commenting system is friendly, unlike that of ABS-CBN.

To the staff of GMA News Online: keep up the good work, and get rid of the bad ones! 🙂


‘Katotohanang Magpapalaya sa Bayan?’

FACTS ARE CONSIDERED sacred, especially in the journalism industry.

It’s a welcome thing, then, that one reader of GMA News Online complained about what he thought were large gaps between the truth and what the said news website reported in one article.

In his blog entry’s concluding paragraph, digitalcrusader said:

The Filipino viewer is not ignorant, and not gullible. Juan dela Cruz looks at the television to search the Truth, not to be bombarded by biases or foreign brainwashing. The Filipino shall continue to be critical of what is presented to them, especially by the media, which should measure up to the reputation of being the “fourth branch of the government”.

We want more digitalcrusaders among ordinary media consumers!

Read the full blog entry (“Katotohanang Magpapalaya sa Bayan?”)>>

When 50 is greater than 2,000

BOO TO MOST mainstream media outfits for not covering the interfaith pro-life rally at the PICC grounds yesterday.

A very conservative estimate of the rally’s attendees is 2,000. CBCP News estimates it to have been 5,000. [Photos of the event]

Attended by various groups, including Muslims, Catholics, and some Christian denominations, the rally was among the pro-life block’s largest.

The only online MSM which reported particularly on the rally are the Manila Times and Malaya.

What else do we have in the news today?

The last two stories are acceptable, even with their very brief mention of yesterday’s rally. But the first? GMA News Online chose to publish a 343-word story about a rally with 50 attendees instead of a rally with thousands.

–Wait, did you say “bias”?

[UPDATED 14.ii.11 11:30 pm]