New “Contribute” form!

Now things are getting easier.

Go to the “Contribute” link above, and you’ll be directed to the embedded “Contribute” form. No need to memorize our email address! 🙂

Trust us, Philippine news media need your feedback. Now.


Tweet ur views, attach #phmedia

SINCE WRITING ENTRIES to this blog is not exactly a popular pastime, we now open the experimental Twitter hashtag #phmedia! [Applause] That’s for you and I to air our  views regarding journalism practice in the Philippines…in 140 characters or less! (Or you can Twitlonger.) 🙂

This way, the (harried and concerned) news media consumer (i.e. you) does away with writing the relatively longer blog entry-length commentaries for this blog. Now all you have to do whenever you want to comment about certain news media articles/videos is tweet about it and attach the hashtag #phmedia. And everyone who’d look for that hashtag on Twitter will be swimming in a stream (hopefully) of ordinary people’s takes on media.

Sweet, I know. 😉

OK, many of you are probably not into Twitter yet. Now is the time you become part of it. And follow @peopleformedia, and keep yourself updated about what other people think about Philippine media by following #phmedia. Simple!

Of course, People for Media will still publish blog posts for commentaries that are (a) worth it and/or (b) reasonably cathartic. 🙂

Journalists are accountable to us. Let’s make #phmedia work and have them hear us!

‘Change the media one comment at a time’

The amazing thing is, so many people don’t bother to take the time to write a letter to the editor or to leave a comment. So what happens is that the more outspoken side of the issue is usually more significantly represented because they take the time.

Katie Hinderer of Tiger Print makes the case for ordinary people to improve the media through little things. What with email, Twitter, and Facebook, those whom we thought were “demigods” are now within reach.

Continue reading her article. Highly recommended.