SALN not found

THE PCIJ REPORT (also published in GMA News Online) on not finding the statement of assets, liabilities, and net worth (SALN) of Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez is commendable. It’s comforting to know some journalists are indeed pursuing truth in issues that matter more.

Just come to think of it: amid the hubbub over the controversial ombudsman, why didn’t anyone ask for basic facts such as the net worth of the country’s supposed graft-fighters?

The ombudsman’s obscurity, as clearly reported on by PCIJ, ironically adds more light to the controversy in which the ombudsman finds herself.

The report also highlights the need for easier access to relevant information regarding public officials. The paper trail which PCIJ is treading is shamefully long and zigzagging, thanks to an apparently inefficient (or secretive) bureaucracy.


Corruption according to Maria Ressa

MARIA RESSA, former ABS-CBN news and current affairs head, gives us insights on how corruption in media — and corruption in general (pun unintended) — happens with a sad, sad complexity. She also offers sensible baby steps to the solution.

The Courage to Do What’s Right

[…] I KNOW you can do both, but it’s not easy to be both successful and ethical in our country today. Corruption is endemic. It infiltrates so many aspects of our lives. Influence-peddling is the name of the game. Conflicts of interest are all over the place. I found many Filipino organizations have a difficult time even defining what conflict of interest means. It’s too easy to rationalize particularly when it means more money or influence.

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