‘Breath of fresh air’

Making a difference

THE DECEMBER 27 editorial titled “Surprises” came as a real surprise to me! Never have I read in any editorial of a widely circulated paper such a statement as “More Catholics will be better off if they read Benedict in his own words.”

What a breath of fresh air! I have been so used to negative attitudes toward and attacks on the Pope from world-known publications like The Economist and The New York Times that reading your editorial is like seeing a bright light shining in the dark and gloom of the world’s press.

Yes, you are making a difference, and one that really counts. Keep it up!

assistant chaplain,
Lauan Study Center,
Loyola Heights, Quezon City

Reposted from Inquirer.net.

We need more optimists like Fr. Magsino.


Christmas wishes

  1. That all journalists would truly commit themselves to a rigorous search for truth.
  2. That all journalists would examine their conscience and ask, “Am I really after what is good for every person?”
  3. That all journalists would truly follow the Journalist’s Code of Ethics.
  4. That all media consumers would truly become media literate, knowing what is good and what is bad in the things media present, as well as in the ways they are presented.
  5. That all media consumers of all socioeconomic classes would truly hunger for the truth and fight for it. If journalists commit errors or omit necessary information (maliciously or otherwise), media consumers should protest through feedback or publication or — heavens forbid! — boycott.

May the peace and love of the Baby Jesus reign in you and your family! Merry Christmas! 🙂