About us


To promote justice, truth, charity, and respect for human dignity by

  • Forming a media-literate public
  • Providing constructive criticism on media


A group of media-literate media consumers and critics from various professional, geographical, and cultural backgrounds who contribute in effecting positive change in the Philippine media industry


We believe that

  • Media is a powerful tool to spread truth and goodness in society. It is a crucial vehicle in our pursuit of the common good, which includes justice and charity for all.
  • Media is for people. It advocates only what is best for each person.
  • People is for media, which are composed of people too and therefore need constructive feedback to keep them improving in their service and craft.

People for Media adheres to natural moral law, which finds its articulation in the Decalogue.


Daryl Zamora works for UA&P’s communications office and is taking his master’s degree in communication at UP-Diliman. He likes art, literature, social media, and philosophy.

Mark Ching, a UP-Diliman graduate, writes for a living. He is fascinated by social media, web trends, law, literature, and politics.

Jean Paul Zialcita is an Assistant Professor at the Political Science Department of the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy of  UP-Diliman.


I am indebted to the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (CMFR), whose “Monitor” section of its acclaimed publication, PJR Reports, inspired me to create this little blog. Credit is also due to Atty. Marichu Lambino, UP Journalism Department head, who introduced me to the idea of media monitoring (and publishing our works in a blog) when I took her journalism ethics class a few years back. -DZ


The authors’ opinions do not necessarily reflect those of their employers and/or their schools. Last updated: 11/10/11

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