Inquirer features Vicente and his bonsai trees

By all appearances, of couse, the story was a defensive reaction to the online backlash over the controversial photos. But that was a wise move by the Inquirer.

After publishing the insensitive/bullying montage of photos of Demetrio Vicente a few days ago, the paper put up in yesterday’s issue a flattering banner photo and a news-feature story of the man and his bonsai trees. Vicente is a cousin of impeached Chief Justice Renato Corona.

Now it seems like the Inquirer has made up for its wrongdoing well enough.

The news outfit is also lucky to have dealt with a person as forgiving as Vicente.

“Apology accepted,” the man reportedly said. “Wala naman sa akin ‘yun.

Definitely everyone wants to move on from that shameful Inquirer incident, even as the paper continues with its pro-Aquino reportage.

Lessons have been learned, but reviews are sure to become necessary when justice demands it.


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