Principles, FYI

WHEN People for Media was born almost a year ago, two principles were clear: humans have intrinsic dignity, and among media’s roles is to protect this dignity by making people aware about it.

So I was delighted when, later, during a forum on the RH bill, I met the World Youth Alliance (WYA), which advocates, precisely, human dignity. And the group has a charter, which articulates what People for Media believed all along.

Below I quote the principles part of WYA’s Charter to give you an idea on what People for Media believes about the human person, the subject and object of the media industry.

We recognize that the intrinsic dignity of the person is the foundation of every human right. We believe this dignity is independent of any individual condition and that no human community can grant or rescind that dignity.

We are convinced that the intrinsic dignity possessed by every human being from conception to natural death is the foundation of everyone’s right to life. We believe that this inalienable right to life is the basis of a free and just society and we believe that society through law and culture has an obligation to protect the dignity of the person and thus protect the right to life.

We affirm that the fundamental unit of human society is the family, where men and women learn to live in genuine freedom and solidarity, and where individuals are equipped to fulfill their social obligations. We believe that the political community at the local, national and international level is obliged to protect and nurture the family.

We believe that the authentic development of society can occur only in a culture that fosters integral human development – characterized by physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional growth, in a climate of respect for the human person and the family.

Do you agree with these principles?