When will TV5 air its RH bill debate?

RIDING on the bandwagon, TV5 taped a debate on the reproductive health (RH) bill on June 17.

Weeks have passed and still the program isn’t aired.

Last July 2, some people were already expectant of the program’s supposed  broadcast the next day — only to find out later on that the program was postponed. Some pro-life advocates were particularly excited by rumors that their side “won” the TV5 debate.

But that will remain a rumor until TV5 airs the program and explains the delay of putting the program on air.

This writer asked TV5 about the delay on its JournalisMO Facebook page, as well as on its Twitter account.

No reply.


5 thoughts on “When will TV5 air its RH bill debate?

    • That’s the debate for DIVORCE. What is not yet aired is the RH Bill debate.

      Please read the title of this article and you will see that the writer is talking about the RH Bill debate and not the Divorce Debate.

    • Hi Ixche Santos,

      I was told by a reliable source that there were two debates: one on the divorce bill, the other on the RH bill. They were taped on the same day.

      Thanks for visiting our blog!

  1. In the I Oppose circles, this is a question mark. It is indeed very strange they would not air it. It has been a while since this was taped. BIzarre!

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