‘Rise above defeatism, Pinoys told’

ANOTHER letter to the Inquirer by Fr. Cecilio Magsino. Urging Filipinos to shun the defeatist mentality, he reacts to a letter sent to him anonymously and encourages the Inquirer to foster a balanced perspective of current events.

LAST MONTH I received an anonymous letter in response to a letter of mine that was published in the Nov 30, 2010 issue of the Inquirer. The sender did not give his/her name and simply identified himself/herself as “a senior citizen” from Paco, Manila. He/she did not even put a return address.

My letter was titled, “Japan can, why can’t PH?” His/her reply was, “No we can’t. The Japanese people are too disciplined while Pinoys [go] kanya-kanya at [make] palusot all the time.” Here we have a perfect example of the defeatist mentality and inferiority complex that are not uncommon among our people. Some Filipinos tend to think that we have defects that are too ingrained in our culture so that we cannot rise above them. With this kind of attitude we will not develop and move forward.

Read the rest of the letter at the Inquirer website >>



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