Tweet ur views, attach #phmedia

SINCE WRITING ENTRIES to this blog is not exactly a popular pastime, we now open the experimental Twitter hashtag #phmedia! [Applause] That’s for you and I to air our  views regarding journalism practice in the Philippines…in 140 characters or less! (Or you can Twitlonger.) 🙂

This way, the (harried and concerned) news media consumer (i.e. you) does away with writing the relatively longer blog entry-length commentaries for this blog. Now all you have to do whenever you want to comment about certain news media articles/videos is tweet about it and attach the hashtag #phmedia. And everyone who’d look for that hashtag on Twitter will be swimming in a stream (hopefully) of ordinary people’s takes on media.

Sweet, I know. 😉

OK, many of you are probably not into Twitter yet. Now is the time you become part of it. And follow @peopleformedia, and keep yourself updated about what other people think about Philippine media by following #phmedia. Simple!

Of course, People for Media will still publish blog posts for commentaries that are (a) worth it and/or (b) reasonably cathartic. 🙂

Journalists are accountable to us. Let’s make #phmedia work and have them hear us!


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