SALN not found

THE PCIJ REPORT (also published in GMA News Online) on not finding the statement of assets, liabilities, and net worth (SALN) of Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez is commendable. It’s comforting to know some journalists are indeed pursuing truth in issues that matter more.

Just come to think of it: amid the hubbub over the controversial ombudsman, why didn’t anyone ask for basic facts such as the net worth of the country’s supposed graft-fighters?

The ombudsman’s obscurity, as clearly reported on by PCIJ, ironically adds more light to the controversy in which the ombudsman finds herself.

The report also highlights the need for easier access to relevant information regarding public officials. The paper trail which PCIJ is treading is shamefully long and zigzagging, thanks to an apparently inefficient (or secretive) bureaucracy.


9 thoughts on “SALN not found

  1. Well, who is supposed to possess the record & who is tasked to implement this? It’s the ombudsman. And the head is Merceditas Gutierrez. How sure are they that she didn’t file her SALN? Please ilagay sa tamang lugar ang mga ginagawa. Be fair. Publish or come out with REAL NEWS and not things that could spark a controversy that has no basis. Let’s deal with the truth and not create an issue out of nothing. Kung hindi talaga then that’s the time we come out with something like this. We have people, like me, who are not narrow-minded. We know what to believe and what not to believe. I belong to the Filipino people who has a brain and i am using it. No matter how I hate Gloria, I am not blinded!

    • Hi, milk & honey!

      Have you read the PCIJ article? It’s said there that they have in fact asked the Ombudsman for her SALN for many days now. It does not seem to be acted upon. PCIJ also looked for the document in other government offices and also could not find it.

      I am glad you are also critical about what mainstream media say, as all citizens should be. We have to be vigilant about what they publish — so that media always strive to adhere to the truth and ethical standards.

      Thanks for visiting our blog! 🙂

  2. The most important and the top issue today is nothing but the SOURCE CODE that the COMELEC must present which the Supreme Court has ordered. Imagine until now they have not complied with this order! It has been the talk of the town but the media is suppressing this issue tapos nag memerceditas gutierrez kayo?

    The current leadership is in question. The Filipino nation must move!!!!!!!

    • The source code. Hmm, I haven’t heard about it recently. May I know what’s the issue with it?

      I think the Merci issue is important, especially that prosecutors seem to have a basis. If the President is indeed sincere about his “Pag walang corrupt, walang mahirap” slogan, investigating the perceived incompetence of the corruption-fighters does become important and merits media attention.

      Our leader. My personal opinion on him flip-flops as he does. 😛

  3. It doesn’t mean that because they were not able to get a copy of it means there is none. So until now we don’t know the truth if she has filed or has not filed her SALN. So with this kind of article/news would implicate that because they didn’t find any, it would be interpreted (let’s face it) as Merci didn’t file hers, which would be unfair for the woman. What is the purpose of coming out with this kind of article/news after all? To add to the issues hurled against her? (M not defending her though)…. I’m just after the point that media must be responsible for anything that they release (you included bec you are part of the media) to the public, that’s all.

    About the source code: Mr. Daryl, you are in media and yet you don’t know? The COMELEC has been ordered by the SC na ilabas ang source code that was used for the last national election pero wala silang ipinapakita. I will not dwell into this issue, digesting it bit by bit, because i don’t believe, first and foremost, that you, being in the media, don’t know about it. (or maybe you just want to know up to what extent i know about this matter).

    In fact the ARMM also has commented about this (when they were asked regarding something about their forthcoming elections there. More concerning this matter, pls do your own research, i dont know much about the ARMM’s coming elections.)

    If really and truly you are not aware of this, well, therefore, the media networks are successful on their campaign for social unawareness, which is exactly their goal.
    (but, i really doubt that you don’t know it)

    Just a concerned citizen and good if truly, you are too.:)))
    Have a nice day!

    • Thanks for your concern. As a matter of fact, I’m not part of the media. I just work for the communications office of a university (see our About page). 🙂 This blog was built around the idea that ordinary media consumers like you and I can give feedback to mainstream media. That way, they’ll get the opinion of their readers firsthand, and hopefully will be pressured to do better.

      BTW, you might want to contribute to this blog. Check out our How to Contribute page to learn how. Perhaps one topic would exactly be the issue on the source code. I honestly don’t know about it. Recently I’m quite into national policy issues such as the RH bill debate.


      • It was just incidental having gone to your blog site actually. I came across one site when I saw the title of this article. I clicked on it and after having read the content, I posted my comment. Thank you for the “about us”, so you are just into this “blog” thing.

        The media entities have been very successful in their “tight-lipped service” so it’s understandable why you don’t know about the source code. You are excused. Some people know but others do not because the media chose to be tongue-tied about it. I say top issue, though, because those who are both close and far from me that I have encountered either know it or have heard about it; but more so, it is an ISSUE because it is of national concern.

        What is the gauge to say that something is an issue or not? During the past administrations, the media would come up with one issue after another and nag the public about it till it blows out of proportion or till it escalates into a controversial issue to the point of destabilizing (or almost) the current administration. They were out for just anything, whether an issue or not, and create something out of it to stir up the people’s hearts and minds for them to be noisy about it or to provoke the people to act, because they were against the current government. They dictate to us what we should do and should not do, what we should think and should not think, while they remain blind to their own biases and prejudices. The source code issue now becomes “nothing” because they don’t want to talk about it, therefore, they don’t want us to talk about it, too. It’s that simple. During the past administrations, no stones were left unturned, nothing was left “uncontroversial”! This is enough for me to agree, like the rest have, that media networks are indeed part of the conspiracy.

        Actually, the source code contains the results of the last national elections. After some things/events that went on, the Supreme Court finally ordered the COMELEC to present the source code that was used for the computer, but until now, they have not. What is preventing them from complying? There have been doubts about Noynoy’s victory, which was especially evident from the beginning when partial results started to come in. And for the sake of TRUTH & FAIRNESS, the Comelec has the responsibility and obligation to reveal the contents of it, likewise, the people have the right to know. Unless and until it is presented to the SC and the contents of it revealed and exposed to the nation, the current leadership is in question. But again, the media networks are tight-lipped on this matter. They are not interested. Will they behave the same way when it is not Noynoy who is in power? I saw two TV programs that tackled on this issue (thanks for the producers/ writers /anchors of the show), but that was it. This could have ignited the issue but the media networks want to shut our mouths. It became alive and now it’s dying. Will we just allow the COMELEC to just sit on this? Media have their own hands-off policy – being conspirators and participators. How does one thing become an issue in the first place? The media choose one topic and play around it – every single day. But the source code does not have to be made into an issue because it is!

        The COMELEC must act on the order of the high court, in the same way that you believe the SALN of Merci G has been sought. Now if a body like the Comelec can bypass what the high court has ordered, then anybody can. So what are our authorities for? To be bypassed and be ignored? By yet another one who is also in position of authority? What the hell! What kind of government is this?

        If this issue on the source code does not affect you, (unlike hundreds or thousands of us) it is either that you go where the media wave goes or you are another Noynoy administration protector. (No offense…) If you think you are on the side of truth, think again….

  4. milk & honey,

    I really appreciate your comments and insights.

    You are correct about the media having a big role in presenting us with the things we “should” talk about — that’s the media’s “agenda-setting function” in action, and we can hardly do anything about it.

    I say “hardly” because we still have some chance to influence their agenda. I think it is incumbent to us, media consumers, to tell the media and their financiers (e.g. advertisers) the information we want and need to get, which may not be in their plate right now.

    The above assumption is actually a premise of this blog as well. It is providential that humans were able to invent social media. 🙂 With Facebook, Twitter, and blogs, for example, we are now more able to gather people who collectively can pressure media to do better.

    Back to the source code: perhaps you’d like to write a short entry about it for People for Media. You can write about your frustration over media’s non-coverage of the issue. If possible, you can cite concrete newsworthy happenings about it which were not reported.


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