‘Bad news for lovers’?

Revised letter sent to the Inquirer’s editor in mid-February. Unpublished.

I COMMEND HEALTH Secretary Enrique Ona for rejecting the thought of distributing condoms on Valentine’s Day (“No more free DoH condoms on Valentine’s” 2/8/11). We need more public officials such as he, who are brave and intelligent enough to stand up for what is right, rather than for what is merely popular and convenient.

It is disappointing, however, that Inquirer journalist Jocelyn R. Uy had to express her opinion on the issue right from the article’s first sentence. Journalists writing straight news are supposed to give us facts, not a judgment that the DoH’s refusal to give away condoms is “[b]ad news for lovers.

While Ms. Uy is entitled to her personal opinion, it pays to remember that the love of real lovers is seen in their fidelity and generosity to each other. Unmarried couples express their love in continence, thereby proving mutual respect and willingness to wait for their love to be consummated in marriage. Married couples, on the other hand, express their love in exclusive faithfulness to each other, with unconditional self-giving and openness to life. Thus, condoms have no place in real love; they epitomize lack of commitment, compromise generosity, and threaten fidelity.

I do hope the Inquirer‘s editors would become more vigilant in preventing journalistic gaffes such as Ms. Uy’s. That’s one way for the paper to serve justice and truth better.


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