Bravo! GMA News Online publishes copy of RH bill

AS THE RH bill debate heats up, it comes as an enlightened gesture that the newly rebranded GMA News Online published the entirety of the consolidated RH bill in its website. Publishing the bill in a popular news site such as GMA News Online gives netizens easy access to what is probably the most divisive piece of legislation today.

As an advocate of human dignity, we believe that such access to the bill gives Filipinos the opportunity to really see for themselves the malice and/or ignorance (on natural morality, practical economics, and scientific research) of many provisions of the bill. The bill’s publication would also help journalists who have not read the bill yet.

This is among the information we have long sought among media outlets. The problem with much of today’s media is that their bias against the pro-life stand prevented them from allowing pro-life advocates to explain themselves well.

While the “spotlighted” publication of the consolidated bill is still far from what would constitute fairness to the pro-life groups, it is, nevertheless, a success in itself.


2 thoughts on “Bravo! GMA News Online publishes copy of RH bill

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