Then let’s look at the countryside

The feat of Inquirer photographer Edgardo Espiritu, winning in the 2010 Bright Leaf Agriculture Journalism Awards, is a welcome news to anyone who wants to develop our countryside.

As a leading newspaper in the Philippines, the Inquirer should do well in publishing more of Espiritu’s photos which feature the country’s naturally rich yet underdeveloped agricultural areas. What many people do not know is that the Philippines has a lot of potential for progress through agriculture. The problem is that our agricultural sector doesn’t have sufficient infrastructure to support itself — basic things like farm-to-market roads, agricultural training centers, and efficient fertilizers and farming machines.

Through Espiritu’s photos (appropriately captioned, of course), the Inquirer will be helping Filipinos learn about the more important and urgent needs of the country — for example, the basic project of agricultural development.

5 thoughts on “Then let’s look at the countryside

  1. I agree with you Darryl. It is time for large media entities in our country to focus on the reality. There are many good things out there that they fail to show to the people. Why are they doing this? Maybe because it is not sensational.

    The problem with the Philippine media is that they are to addicted with sensationalism. 😦

  2. That’s why we have to remind them from time to time that they’re reporting to a more discerning readership. In the end we’re the ones keeping their business alive; advertisers (another source of their income) flock to their paper only because the advertisers’ market reads the paper. 🙂

    Therefore, first of all, it’s about forming a media-literate public, which this blog aims to do, too. 🙂

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