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I REMEMBER, once, when the laundry came back, some socks were missing.

Sometimes, the same thing happens among newspapers, particularly in the opinion pages: they miss out on talking about things that matter — the need for a better education system, for example.

In another letter to the Inquirer, Fr. Cecilio Magsino calls for media attention to our public school teachers who are often taken for granted. He laments the pitiable plight of some teachers who, due to their scarcity in many provinces, have to teach scores of pupils from Grades 1 to 4.

How about us — which burning issues do we want to read about? Maybe it’s time we write our writers.

Write on teachers too

I LIKED very much the Inquirer’s Jan. 15 editorial titled “Unnursed dream,” which was about the plight of Filipino nurses. With its publication, I hope Filipinos work together to improve their lives and working conditions.

I would like to suggest though that the Inquirer write an editorial this time about our public school teachers.

Continue reading in the Inquirer website.


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