‘The disgusting ANC Vizconde case feeding frenzy’

People for Media’s human dignity-based principles do not always agree with William M. Esposo‘s opinions. His twisting (and spreading of the twisted interpretation) of the Pope’s remarks on condoms was boorish.

But his comment regarding ANC’s coverage (which he calls a “feeding frenzy”) of Hubert Webb’s release last Tuesday is something we agree with. It gives us another glimpse of how unprofessional and manipulative some journalists can be. Are they grandstanding? Protecting colleagues and bosses? We don’t know for now.

Here’s Mr Esposo’s article:

The disgusting ANC Vizconde case feeding frenzy

Your Chair Wrecker was utterly appalled to watch the ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC) go on a feeding frenzy the moment the Supreme Court announced last Tuesday the acquittal of Hubert Webb et al, better known as the convicted Vizconde Massacre prisoners. The ANC feeding frenzy simply exceeded the usual feeding frenzy that we expect media all over the world to engage in.

What is totally unacceptable was the treatment that ANC anchors, especially Twink Macaraig, gave the prisoner release processing live coverage at the Muntinlupa Penitentiary. Macaraig was talking like she had a sure grip of all the legal ramifications of the 7-4 Supreme Court decision and was recklessly speculating about charges for the Vizconde case star witness Jessica Alfaro and others who may have ‘connived’ to convict Hubert Webb et al.

Continue reading at the Philippine STAR website.

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