Church hires MIB?

The way the Philippine STAR frames the Reproductive Health bill controversy, at least in this cartoon, displays lack of truthfulness.



Why would a publication that abides by the maxim “Truth shall prevail” insist on including a fictional entity to depict a true situation? The STAR’s choice of MIB as a “lay expert” is vague at best and vilifying at worst.

“Vague” because an MIB agent can mean different (and sometimes opposing) things: secrecy, espionage, deception, anti-evil-aliens, hero. “Vilifying” because, in the context of the debate on the RH bills, the Catholic Church has almost always been unfairly depicted by media as disconnected-from-reality, evil, fantastical….and now it is getting a character from science fiction to argue its cause.

The cartoon is supposed to be amusing. Oh, it is, but disregard the article that it accompanies.

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