’s Typhoon Juan Database

Kudos to for setting up the Typhoon Juan Emergency Disaster Database. It’s like what they did a year ago during the tragic aftermath of Typhoon Ondoy. This time, however, the team seems more prepared and resourceful.

The database uses Google technology (Docs and Maps primarily) to collect different information, with the aim of helping in the disaster response operations during and after the storm. A Google Docs form may be filled out to report the following:


  • Missing persons
  • Calls for rescue
  • Areas damaged, rendered impassable by the typhoon
  • Locations of evacuation and/or relief centers

    My question, however, is how expects to gather inputs from affected areas if communication lines there are felled. Then again, at least there’s the well-meant effort to help. Pogi points to GMA-7’s Serbisyong Totoo!


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