How it works

How does this blog work?

In terms of the first aim — forming a media-literate public — I identified the following ways:

  1. Create short videos/presentations on basic communication theories and embed them on the blog.
  2. Collate the best online resources on media literacy.

Of course, in both ways we aim to select only the best, clearest, and most interesting materials — the ones easily digested even by people without a background in communication studies.

As for the second aim — providing constructive criticism on Philippine media — I thought we could do the following:

  1. Make people aware about the inner workings of the media (thus the importance of the first aim: media literacy). Spread the media literacy materials which we will soon gather (through social media).
  2. Use Twitter and Facebook to tag media organizations and related groups whenever we publish new blog entries. This will get their attention and, hopefully, will get them to listen to us.
  3. Make sure that entries are fair, concise, facts-based, solution-oriented, and respects human dignity. While aiming to do this, we will also keep in mind that we are fallible, and should thus be grateful whenever we have to accept corrections.

So send us your contributions now! We all have something to say about media. 🙂

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