Life according to an OFW

The Inquirer article “No place like home” by Saudi Arabia-based OFW Frederick Arceo (10/10/10 p. A19) is a Sunday morning tearjerker.

It is the piece that became popular online through mailing lists which – as it is with online content nowadays – lost its byline, got forwarded and reforwarded, retitled and re-retitled. And today it reached the Inquirer’s Global Pinoy section (with the author’s permission, of course).

It’s an enlightening read. I have two relatives who are working in foreign lands, but I only have a vague idea about their experiences, thoughts, and wishes. What could be their worries and concerns being far from their loved ones? Is being an OFW really equivalent to being “rich,” giving relatives and neighbors the “right” to demand favors from them when they come back home? The candid Mr Arceo answers all that.

Bravo to the Inquirer for giving us a sample of such a lesser-known perspective.


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