Media literacy for high school students

My experience has been that I never knew about gatekeeping and the agenda-setting function of media until I went to journalism school. Of course, the realities described by those terms have surrounded me all my life, but I never recognized them; they were ghosts.

That’s why news about adding a media literacy module in basic education came as a welcome one:

With recent studies pointing out that media has become the primary source of information for the young, the curriculum hopes to make the students “media savvy.”

The National Media Literacy Education (NMLE) [created by the Department of Education -ed] is set to be integrated in the Basic Education Curriculum under Social Studies for the elementary level and under English/Communication Arts/Values for the high school level hopefully this coming school year.


Though I’m unsure about the inclusion of media theories in the said curriculum, here’s one dreaming of the day when all media consumers are able to read between the lines.


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